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Thailand's largest island is Phuket. Southern Thailand's Andaman Sea is where it is situated. The west of the island has a mountain range that runs from north to south, and the majority of the island is made up of mountains. At KraftMyTrip, we offer all Phuket destination packages.

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Explore Scenic views of Phuket

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Explore Scenic views of Phuket

The size of Singapore, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, measuring 48 kilometres long and 21 kilometres at its widest point. Phuket is located 867 kilometres south of Bangkok in the Andaman Sea on Thailand's Indian Ocean coast. Phuket is endowed with stunning coves and bays, white beaches lined with palm trees, nearby small islands, friendly locals, and delicious cuisine. A beautiful tropical landscape, delightful Chinese-Portuguese architecture, and a wealth of recreational and leisure options all contribute to the pleasant mood that makes a trip to Thailand genuinely unforgettable. Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, and Nai Harn Beach are the most well-known beaches. Sailing, diving, snorkelling, golfing, and other types of sports and amusement are all perfect in the Phuket islands.

Two bridges connect Phuket to the mainland of Thailand, making travel to the island simple and convenient. Additionally, many tourists are drawn to the nearby islands, especially Koh Phi Phi and Koh Yao. Both Phuket and Krabi have boats that can take you there. Along with a wide range of absolutely outstanding hotels and resorts, there are numerous possibilities for dining and shopping. Even while Phuket is frequently thought of as having vibrant nightlife, it actually centres mostly in the Patong region.

Because of its tropical environment, Phuket has a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year, including warm, chilly, and wet.

November through February are temperate, pleasant, and dry months. After them, the weather stays warm till May. By the middle of May, the rains begin, and they last into October.

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In Phuket, travelling locally is simple because you have a variety of options to select from based on your preferences and budget. Here are some common forms of transportation used by Phuket inhabitants and visitors.

TUK-TUK - Small minivans called tuk-tuks are typically red in colour. They could also be noticeable in yellow. You must make sure you agree on a price before boarding because they don't have metres. Or there is a decent chance that you may wind up paying significantly more than you should.

TAXI - These metered yellow and red taxis are a reliable and affordable form of transportation. However, there aren't many of them, so you might have trouble finding one. You can ask your hotel for a metered taxi's number. In light of the fact that they are safer and more pleasant than tuk-tuks, grab one if you come across one. In the height of the tourist season, you might have to barter.

MOTORCYCLE - In Phuket's Patong district, renting motorcycles is simple. The cost of these rentals varies based on the type of car, and they are relatively affordable. Remember to haggle for deals, and wear a helmet to avoid paying a 500 THB fine. Additionally, it is advisable to inspect the bike before renting it in order to avoid being charged for any damage that has already occurred.

BOAT - The thought of using a long tail boat to travel from one island to another might appeal to you if you intend to go island hopping. Approximately 500 THB per hour or 1,800 THB per day should be paid for the service. If you are travelling with young children or others who aren't strong swimmers, use caution as they frequently don't have life jackets.

As Phuket is a city of mixed cultures, there is a great variety of dishes from different cultures ranging from Thai, Thai-Chinese, Malaysians, Muslims and also food from European and Indian influences. In turn, these cuisines assimilated, eventually becoming Phuket's traditional food.