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7 reasons to travel: because traveling is living!

Although it is true that I like to write about travel in order to help other people when it comes to visiting the places that have amazed me, I admit that what fills me the most is inspiring writing. It is very good to provide data, prices, ways to get to places, where to sleep and eat, etc. But the best of all is to encourage the reader to go to that site. Create in him the emotion, the desire, the need to travel in search of adventure or, at least, to get out of the routine and launch into the unknown, whether for a week, a month, a year or a decade.

There have been two times that I have had the need to emulate one of my childhood heroes: Sir Phileas Fogg. Jules Verne's character was for me a lion, accompanied by a cat and a mouse on his adventures around the world. A very elegant lion, everything is said. Blessed cartoons of the time. I did the first trip around the world in 2003-2004, the second in 2011 and in 2008 I spent 7 months touring South America. 

They are different trips, where you try to absorb different landscapes and cultures in a limited time. Or not. Because there are people who never return and become nomads. I think you will not know what kind of destiny awaits you until you live the experience. But making the decision to embark on an adventure is not easy. Our society is established in a way and what you are going to do breaks many of the established norms. If the idea of ??such a trip (not necessarily a trip around the world, but one that involves leaving things behind and spending months on the road) runs through your head but you don't dare to take the step, here I leave you a series of reasons that I hope they help you jump into the void of adventure:

1.-Don't worry, when you come back everyone will be the same

You are used to seeing your friends, or friends, regularly. You feel very attached to your family, your football team, your coffees or beers with them, your Friday dinners... And you are afraid that, if you leave for a long time, when you return everything will have changed and you will feel like a stranger . It can happen. But the one who will have changed will be you, not them. However, the most common case is that your change is not so great that you no longer appreciate those little things in life that previously filled you. They, all of them, will be the same as when you left.

2.-It is something you will never forget

What you are going to do is not an ordinary trip, but an adventure that will take you to face, for months, the unknown and yourself. You will meet people from different countries, origin, social status, culture, etc. You will see landscapes of all kinds and you will run adventures and misadventures that will be burned into your memory. If all of them have a happy ending, it is something that one day you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren.

3.-It will help you to know yourself

A long journey around the world is not only an external journey but also an internal one. You will find yourself in many extreme situations that you are not used to. Some will be negative - long waits to catch dilapidated transport vehicles, unbearable hot, cold or rainy days, illnesses - and others positive - places that catch you, people you can fall in love with - and all of them will test your will and form. of being. You will discover aspects of yourself that you did not know and the trip will help you shape your personality. You will almost certainly improve.

4.-A good way to break with the routine

The schemes of today's society mean that, on many occasions, we find ourselves immersed in a routine that has us cancelled. Most of the time we do not know how we got to this situation and we are so involved in it that we do not contemplate another way of life. It is true that the routine can be very good and make us happy, but even so, it never hurts to risk a little and see, for a while, what is on the other side. If your routine is one of those that makes you unhappy, then there is no longer any doubt. Hang your backpack on your shoulder and go to see the world and live life. I'm sure you have nothing to lose.

5.-Open your mind to other cultures and people

Unless you are a real halter as a person, there is a great truth that can be applied to almost any trip: traveling opens your mind and makes you more tolerant. When traveling you come into contact with people who profess a culture very different from yours. To enrich it even more, the customs that you will find in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia have nothing to do with those that people who inhabit the same type of forests in South America will have . And what about Africa , my great weakness that makes my soul and thoughts travel there almost daily. 

 Try not to run too much. Stay in each place for a while and mingle with the locals as much as possible. The landscapes can be incredible, but in the end, what remains engraved is the experience you have had with the people.

6.-Give a change to your life

There are many reasons that may lead you to need to make a radical change in your life. A job that makes you feel miserable, a heartbreak that has broken your heart for the umpteenth time, the feeling of knowing that there is a lot of worlds out there and the time has come to discover it... There are all kinds of reasons. In my case, a benign tumour at the age of 25 woke me up from my lethargy. All the doctors thought it was cancer and I felt lucky when they told me they were wrong. Even today I am still dealing with the physical consequences that this tumour left on me, but everything is bearable. I was not unhappy with the life I led in Alicante, but I always had an adventurous inner voice that I constantly put off. Thanks to this episode of my life, I listened to her.

Don't be afraid and break the deck. It is a step that is usually difficult but think that, if you are mired in a hole of unhappiness, any change can only be for the better. In this case, I assure you, it will be a million times better.

7.-Simply, because traveling is great

Yes, why would we deny it? This statement is not applicable to 100% of the population, but it is to a large majority. When things go wrong at work, you look away from your computer screen and imagine yourself in a beautiful place in the world where worries can't reach you. When you travel, you disconnect from problems, you meet great people, you enjoy spectacular landscapes or interesting and historic cities, you taste tasty and different gastronomy dishes, you experience‚Ķ You live. The human being was born and evolved as a nomad and it is something that was burned into our DNA. To move is to evolve and to evolve is to live. Traveling is living. Well, what are you waiting for to hit the table and make your dreams come true? Come on, I'll call you a taxi to go to the airport, but don't forget to book a cheap flight to any destination you've chosen first, the rest you can find along the way. 


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